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"If you feel the urge to create, no matter the results you have to follow that lead fearlessly."

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

My name is Alessandra, I'm a graphic designer. After graduating from high school, I took a degree in fine arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Catania, specializing in painting and cultural heritage. I live in Marina di Ragusa, which is located in the splendid Sicily. I've been practicing yoga for fourteen years; meditation brings clarity. The collage style is my newfound meditation media.

Tell us about the images you create. Is there a story you can share about your inspiration for your work? or a specific piece?

The images I create are inspired by the history of art. In each painting, there is an infinity of details; I imagine the great skill of the great masters that those works have created, art in art. Usually, I add other elements that somehow refer to the work itself, plants, flowers, butterflies, fish, and geometries.

What part of your life has inspired you to create/Why do you create?

It's more a necessity than a practice. I have drawn since my early years, and I've always loved doing it.

How did you discover Art?

Well... Italian here? ;) As you can see, I'm deeply into my Italian origins, but it's nothing new here. It's quite the place for Art. There aren't many towns in which you won't find monuments, sculptures

Can you tell us about a significant moment on your artist journey? This story may have been a part of what shaped your message.

I was making collages as a child, and it was one of the many creative games, I didn't necessarily use paper, but also objects for my strange games. During the pandemic, but actually, before, I was collecting materials for these "assemblies". So I decided to publish them. I must say that I am sometimes amazed by the appreciation for this work, and I am grateful to all the people who write to me and encourage me to continue.

I like to take stuff out of the hat, but there are many reflections on what happens around me, and I talk about interactions with people because we are social beings and we have growth thanks to this. Certainly it was a great lesson from the pandemic. The amazing thing is to see the rabbit jump out of that hat by magic and, like Alice in Wonderland to run after him, no matter where he may go, magic is the journey, which is nothing but the metaphor for our existence, despite ourselves. sometimes, we always have to go on and the best way is the "discovery", in Italian it would be a bit to take off your clothes, leave all your fears, undress, take off the blanket and offer yourself naked, this is acceptance.

Which piece of yours is your favorite? and why?

My favorite piece is usually the last one, as it is a continuous research it is often the one that makes me discover a new path, and then it is fantastic to observe these wonderful works of art. But I must say that among my favorites there is the Annunciation by Antonello da Messina, there have been several attempts to reproduce both in pencil and in oil, there is something magical in the look of that Madonna that I was able to see live in Palermo.

What Art or artist has influenced your work?

I've fallen in love with Giuseppe Ragazzini's works. His message is likely more "expressionist," and I love his poetics.

What most interests you about the subjects in your work? You have a very 'baroque' style for the people in your work.

One thing that I find fantastic is research, I have studied art history, in particular modern and contemporary, I like to think that people, through my work can deepen, brush up on the knowledge of one of the great masters from whom I draw inspiration. All the pieces bear the author's name and the work's title. It amazes me that you used the word "baroque" to define my art, because Sicily (as well as much of Italy) is very baroque, so it is possible that it emerges in my collages.

What do you think your work/style says about you? What do you want to say about the work you do?

I do it with love. Love does not want anything in return, it is bringing me a lot of satisfaction collaborations and I am grateful for all this.

If you could give advice to any artist or even a friend about being an artist, what would you say? And why?

I have a hard time feeling myself an artist. I can tell for sure that if you feel the urge to create, no matter the results, you have to follow that lead fearlessly. It's a deep and intimate part of you that calls for it, and it's a cure for any soul disease.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about your artwork(s)? About the artist behind the Art?

The fuse has been ignited. I'm simply following the path it leads, happily so.

Top three things you needed to be where you are today.

Sea, family, and friends. Not necessarily in this order.

Thanks to Alessandra for sharing your perspective and process! You can see more of her work on her Instagram page.

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