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Say Hi To Hioshi

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Hioshi is a Russian based artist; due to the nature of his

work, it is safer to remain anonymous under today's regime. His art carries a social and political message.

Hello from St Petersburg, my name is Hioshi! My art is mostly sculptural miniatures, but I try not to limit myself to one style and try new forms, for example, acrylic, oil painting, and installations (sculptures?).

I love to work with my hands in creating art objects, not paying attention to the mountains of garbage, the heaviness and price of materials, dust, smells, and other pleasures from manual labor. Once I made a rather massive sculpture; only the pedestal weighed five hundred kilograms. I had to manually lift it up the stairs to the 4th floor. Most often, I post such events in the form of backstages in stories with bags, dust, sawdust, and scratched hands and always sign the same "choose digital."

The incredible thing is that I didn't see myself as a person who would seriously engage in creativity for a long time. My first works were a statement made into art objects. I wanted to talk to people about propaganda, the regime's nature, and social issues. But over time, I was influenced by my reality, other artists' fates, and their creative paths, so I started trying to talk about more wide things than just social injustice.

I don't mark pieces as favorite or least favorite. Still, I always keep in mind what I think is my weakest work at the moment, which for some reason doesn't look very cool, or the meaning is clumsily expressed. Fortunately, it was the same piece for a long time. More recently, I surpassed myself and hastily made the art object even weaker; as luck would have it, it turned out to be relevant.

One of my favorite artists is Egon Schiele. I like his painting and style, but his story became indicative for me. Once he had problems with the law, the police broke into his house with a search warrant. They discovered many of his works, masterpieces of world culture, some of which are exhibited now with great pride by rare museums worldwide. So when the police found his paintings, they approached their boss with a pile of his masterpieces and said, "look, we found out what he is hiding own pornography." It taught me not to let incompetent people judge the art.

Most of all, what my art objects say about me, is that I am terribly underfunded. I hope one day NFT will help me solve this problem.

Most of all, I would like to tell your readers, "There are no more important activities for humanity in the world than science and art. Science moves us forward to the stars and the depths of the oceans, and art either touches our souls or tries to make us a better version. Or, at least, it helps us to aesthetically arrange what science has achieved so that it is valuable and pleasing to the eye". Thank you Hioshi, for sharing your story with us! Be sure to follow his Instagram :)

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