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Unpacking The Talents of Polly

Welcome to our exclusive interview with Polina Kostanda, fondly known as Polly. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Ukraine, Polly has nurtured a deep-rooted passion for creativity in its myriad forms since childhood. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of Art and its ability to reflect and reshape our experiences and perceptions of the world around us.

In this candid conversation, Polly opens up about her sources of inspiration, pivotal moments in her artistic career, and her unique approach to creativity, especially in the age of AI. She delves into the profound messages she aims to convey through her Art, her stance on collaboration, and the sustainability of her creative themes and materials. Polly also shares invaluable advice for emerging artists grappling with the intersection of creativity and financial stability, her experiences of how her Art has touched lives, and her perspectives on community support for artists.

Join us as Polly walks us through her creative process, the role of digital platforms like Instagram in the Art world, and her insights into the future of Art in a rapidly digitizing landscape. Her story is not just about the Art she creates but also about the journey of an artist constantly evolving and embracing new frontiers in the realm of creativity.

My name is Polina Kostanda, or simply Polly. I live in Ukraine, and since childhood, I have been passionate about creativity in its various manifestations.

What has been your most significant source of inspiration, and how has it influenced your creative process?

My biggest creative inspiration is life itself! Look around - it's an amazing world! A sunny day can give rise to the desire to create something beautiful. The death of a loved one casts creativity in light sadness. Of course, I have a huge amount of read literature (I love both classics and modern prose), I am a cinephile and love cult and arthouse cinema, and, of course, Art, the arts of the past, the Art of modernity - all this inspires. Also, a worldview system such as Buddhism greatly influenced me. But life - this beautiful and, at the same time, terrible life - is the primary source of my inspiration.

Could you share a pivotal moment in your artistic career that significantly shaped your path?

I have been passionate about creativity since childhood. True, it manifested itself in different ways. Since childhood, I have been writing poetry (poetry is still with me); I played in a chamber theater, painted a little, and worked in creative work, creating advertising and texts. My entire life path is creativity, moving from one type to another.

I can't imagine my life without creativity. And when AI appeared, it became a new creative wave. Finally, you can create any world (in drawing, there needed to be more time and technology for this). Eventually, you can visually translate any fantasies into reality! I'm so stressed that I can't implement all my plans and ideas! We can say that the turning point is happening right now, and I finally have the necessary "tool" to realize my dreams - AI.

2 asian women on a moped with a pig on the front

Is there a particular message or feeling you aim to convey through your Art?

What a great question! Yes, I have! Although my works may seem strange at first glance, I pursue one goal: to take a person beyond the usual boundaries. It makes you think about what if there is something more than just this day?

What are we here for? Is there something more? Is our world illusory? A separate topic is the topic of joyful old age. If you noticed, I have a lot of images of cheerful old ladies. In many countries and cultures, old age is considered something terrible, and there are taboos on the topic of old age and dying. But I would like to open it from the other side: the joy of life through the prism of great life experience and the understanding that life is finite. My message is a call to go beyond the usual boundaries and think about something more. The illusory nature of many things, the meaning and reason for existence, and the value of life as such.

Are there any artists or creative fields you're keen to collaborate with, and what would that look like?

Oh no. Firstly, I'm an introvert; secondly, I'm used to working without restrictions and in complete freedom. Cooperation always means mutual concessions and compromises. Because of them, the creative process itself suffers. There are very rarely true "duets". I don't want to become part of one of them.

black woman in yellow jacket with clear neon gloves on

How do you approach the sustainability of materials or themes in your work?

This is my big problem - I need help to stick to one style, direction, or theme. I jump from one to another. I'm interested in trying everything and need to be more consistent. On the other hand, it opens up more horizons and opportunities to create something interesting.

What advice would you give emerging artists struggling with balancing creativity and financial stability?

I'll tell you a secret: creativity does not bring me income. This is my hobby, my outlet. Of course, it would be nice to sell my work, but I am still looking for a reliable manager who could do this. And I definitely won't do it myself. I already have experience in monetizing creativity when you need to sell and create at the same time. And here is my opinion: you are either an artist or a sales manager. If you combine, creativity will gradually be for sales rather than creativity. The creative profession has always been financially unstable. Therefore, it would be great to have an additional source of income and engage in creativity just for the soul, for the sake of creativity.

Can you share a story about how your Art impacted someone's life or perspective?

It's amazing, but people react very strongly to what I create. My Direct messages are literally swamped; I only have time to respond to some. Some are angry, some are grateful for the good mood, and some are surprised. That's fine—creativity is meant to provoke a reaction. I can do it. The most beautiful story is about old women. When people write that they haven't thought about the fact that old age is lonely and sad. If I managed to remind someone about this through funny pictures - oh, this is happiness!

In your opinion, how can local communities better support artists?

I don't have an answer to this question. In my country, artists rarely receive financial and informational support, which is why I am talking about another source of income.

Old woman with big sunglasses on surrounded by bees

Could you walk us through your creative process, from initial idea to final execution?

Working with AI is always unpredictable. More often than not, the most interesting results come by chance. Usually, when an idea arises, I formulate it and try to create what is in my head. But this only sometimes works out - AI is a capricious assistant. I change and play with words. I also like to experiment in the process and combine incompatible styles and color combinations at first glance. And eventually, something works out. I frame this result in a short verbal story.

How do you see the role of digital platforms like Instagram evolving in the Art world?

The future lies with digital platforms. Look how quickly the world digitizes and moves from physical to digital media. This does not scare me; I consider this a logical part of progress. Naturally, Instagram is the number one platform, which is ideal from my point of view. Many artists resist change and sigh for the old days. But progress is inexorable, and you either switch to digital platforms or become overgrown with a web of oblivion. Once upon a time, accountants did not want to exchange abacuss for calculators, and someone was afraid to change from a horse to a car. It's the same thing now with digital platforms and artists. The time of galleries and physical media is becoming a thing of the past...

Contact Polina "Polly" Kostanda

For inquiries, collaborations, or to connect with Polly and explore her creative universe, you can reach out to her through the following channels:

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