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Sustainable Couture

Sustainable Couture is an exhilarating showcase of eco-elegance, where visionary designers unite to redefine fashion with an earth-friendly ethos. This exclusive event celebrates the fusion of high style and sustainability, spotlighting innovative apparel that's as kind to the planet as it is captivating on the runway. Join us to experience the luxurious intersection of environmental responsibility and sartorial sophistication—where every thread weaves a greener future.

Corey Merritt Matador

As the Matador, I’m able to step outside of myself and become an expressive lens between ideas and issues, and the onlookers engaged in them.

I provide snapshots.

When people flock to the arena to witness an unpredictable bull fight, a clash between human and beast, they know they are going to see something that evokes a visceral response inside.

As I become the Matador, social subjects, as well as my own personal challenges and experiences become the beast/s.

When the fight is over, all the parties involved change. 

The issue may be slain, the Matador may suffer injuries, and the onlookers may be transformed emotionally- 

Art is my ultimate conversation starter…


I bring the arena to the masses.

El Arte Blancarte is a first Gen, queer, artista Mexicana established in Denver CO. 

A.B developed an artistic style front that alchemizes emotions and experiences into various mediums, now mainly as paintings and danza. This visual poet most commonly interprets symbolism into their creations and believes in portraying self-expressions daily to inspire the inner artists within all. From their organic nature, A.B is known for personifying plant babes and meditation sessions on the canvas. El Arte Blancarte is a creative perspective that aides throughout art and kindles to  share connection through art, music, nature, community and movement.

female artist
George Akubison

Akubis, is a Jack-Of-All trades specializing in public art, character illustrations, movement related graphic design, and clothing curation. His main focus is to give life to everything he sees by adding extravagant eyes to everyday objects. Akubis was raised in the east coast of the US in a very traditional area of Pennsylvania. His ambition was to break free from the traditional moods of the local area and invest into a world where his imagination becomes reality. Akubis’s work includes depthy characters and imaginary worlds in paint and pixels and clothing pigments.

Make Up & Hair

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