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All About Ira

The artist's oeuvre is a mesmerizing fusion of surrealism and hyperrealism, a visual exploration that transcends traditional boundaries.

Each piece has an intimate dive into the realms of human perception, where the human form is seamlessly woven with elements of technology and visceral anatomy, creating a tableau that subverts and expands reality. The works pulse with an intimacy of touch, contrasting organic textures with the starkness of digital and biological motifs. This intentional warping of shapes and fusion of diverse visual languages forges a narrative that beckons introspection and a profound re-evaluation of the human experience in our contemporary tapestry.

The artist's adept use of vibrant hues and varied textures imparts a phantasmagorical quality to their creations, each as a singular narrative, rich with symbolism and open to interpretation. Beyond mere technical prowess, the portfolio captures the intricate dance of the human psyche with the physical world, inviting viewers to traverse a landscape where the surreal cohabits with the hyperreal, and each juxtaposition is a deliberate step into a reimagined existence.

In a personal reflection, the artist shares her Moscow roots and her formative years at the S.G. Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry, highlighting a lifelong companionship with creativity and a diverse array of artistic endeavors. Her work, encompassing a spectrum from photography to installation art, often features herself as the protagonist, with the latest projects being meticulously conceptualized for brand collaborations.

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

I was born in Moscow and received a higher education at the S.G. Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Art and Industry in the direction of interior design. Creativity has accompanied me all my life, and during this time, I have tried a lot of hobbies. I can say for sure that I am a versatile person.

Tell us about the videos & images you create. What inspired you to create your most recent series?

I create conceptual-surreal images in different formats (photo, video, painting, installation), where the main character is mainly me—the last work video for the brand, where I had exact ideas about what I should do.

What part of your life has inspired you to create? Why do you choose to continue to create work?

I was constantly painting portraits. In the 2nd course at university, I began shooting people; from that moment, I began to show myself as a creative, to create something unique, which I have always strived for.

How did you first discover Art?

Art has been with me since birth. From the age of 12, I liked unusual pictures, with meaning. Believed that the power of the image was in the idea.

Can you tell us about a significant moment on your artist journey when you realized your style?

When I started taking pictures of people, it impeded the further implementation of ideas. Because of the mixed feelings, it can be difficult for me to understand what I want to see. My style is still in the making.

"Love, Be Loved and Believe!"

What message do you hope your art sends to your audience?

My message to people is not to be afraid of their fantasies, to be yourself, and therefore unique.

Which piece of yours is your favorite? and why?

I can't pick one favorite, but Billy Milligan's brain project was the biggest and strongest.

What Art or artist(s) have influenced your work?

Artists René Magritte and the Addams Family movie

Do you work as an artist full-time? If yes, how did you get to that point? if not, what do you do with your time when you are not making art?

I worked as a full-time interior designer, but now I want to work as a creative. In my free time, I love to dance.

What do you think your work/style says about your personality?

I think my work says I'm humorous and crazy.

If you could advise any artist or even a friend about being an artist, what would you say? And why?

Be patient and have a watchfulness. I think these are two important points, because art is disparate.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about your artwork(s)? About you?

I want to amaze people with my cool projects and myself.

What is on your "dream" list? This could be a project you dream to do or a personal dream.

To become famous and rich, to be able to realize their dreams.

Top three things you needed to be where you are today.

Love, Be Loved and Believe!

Thank you to this amazing artist for sharing her perspective! You can see Ira's work here.

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